Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Family Stuff and An Award

My Dad turned 75 on November 20. We had a little get-together for him, and I think he really enjoyed himself.
There are 5 of us kids, and when all the kids, spouses, grandkids and grandkids's spouses, and great grandchildren get together, there's a big enough group to have a nice party. Below is my niece, Bethany (center), and my daughter, LesLee (right) with my Dad:
My grandson, Ashton. He has a knot on his noggin. Believe it or not, it looks a whole lot better than when he first got it. His face is also scratched a little, from a difference incident. I'd tell you that his little 2 year old sister pushed him into the wall and put that knot there, but that might embarass him to let you know that his little sister "beat him up." So I won't tell you that.
My lovely mother, who has been quite sick lately (but she's feeling better now) and my oldest brother, Ken. Roll Tide!!!!

That birthday cake sure was good! Just ask Bethany's son, Alex.

Dad carving the Thanksgiving Turkey.

Baby Adam....isn't he just the cutest? He smiles all the time.
He's just such a precious little thing:

Ole Boy relaxing on Thanksgiving at my parents home.

My beloved UNA Lions have advanced to the final four...the semi-finals...for the NCAA Division II Football Championship. Roar, Bay-bee, ROAR!!
And of course, Bama is playing the in the championship game against Florida....and I think we'll win! Rollllll Tide!

Three of my Bloggin' friends honored me with an Award recently....I've been so busy with the last leg of the semester that I am just now saying a heartfelt "Thank You" to Hollie, Julie, and Linda for thinking enough of what I ramble on about to give me a "Real People" award.


  1. Your family is so good looking. The cake looks great. Congratulations on your award, you deserve it girl.

  2. Congratulations on our Real People award, and this post is an affirmation of how deserved it really is! Lovely photos of the family. We have five in my family too, and I have just one brother and he's enough, LOL. Have a great week!

  3. p.s. Like your blog template! Wish I could figure out how to use something different than the standard templates offered!

  4. You don't look old enough to have a daughter that old or a grandson. Lady you are gorgeous! You also have a nice looking family. Happy late B'day to your dad. You're welcome on your award & congrats.

  5. congrats on your award!! happy belated birthday to your dad! I loved the pictures! wonderful family having fun with each other!! so many blessings there :)


  6. You Dad looks so happy. Happy Late Birthday to him.I am glad that everyone was there and looked like they were having a great time. I am glad also that your Mom is feeling better. Great pictures.
    Hugs, Helen

  7. our family get togethers turn into small parties LOL as well... ok large parties. Looks like everyone had a grand time! Thanks for the pictures

  8. well the lil fellow told me his sister pushed him...guess he'll realize that sorta thing is suppose to embarrass him when he gets older, huh?? lol what fun we've had in the month of november. :) great pix. hehe

  9. Wow Meg, I love the header picture, the snow~you're pretty clever! What nice pictures and a Happy Belated Birthday to your dear dad. You have a lovely family. Linda in Washington

  10. Happy Birthday to your dad!!!

    Great pics..what a lovely family!

    Sounds like our family gatherings...a big

    Love your header!

    Congrats on your award



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