Thursday, October 9, 2008

Rainy Days in Bama

I'm just sayin'

My little corner of the deep south has been in a drought for two years...and it's been raining for two days!

At work, I have a pretty nice view of the outside from my window. Unfortunately, some spiders have taken up residence directly in my view and built a home. I am not talking about small little wispy webs. No, I mean webs so thick it would make carpet for a doghouse! One of the spiders died, and it's just there. Dead. Another much larger one walks around on the web-carpet and acts like she owns my window. A grasshopper was messing with them a few days ago. (I'm three stories up, mind you! Don't know how the grasshopper made it up here.) I was sure the grasshopper would lose the fight, but he got away. They aren't going to wash the windows until spring. I have to look at this for 6 more months.

The HR director's little son was taking about Chinicans. Wasn't sure what that was. Well, not until he talked about Americans and Mexicans, too.

Ever notice how you can talk big about what you would do, until it happens to you? Yeah, me too.

Sometimes Southerners do things that enhance the rest of the world's view of us. Happens to blondes, too. Did you catch the story about the blonde (Charlotte Fenney in Stratford, CT) who dyed her hair brown and sued L'Oreal because not having blonde hair ruined her social life? She no longer gets the attention she got as a blonde, and has to stay at home and wear hats. She could not prove that she didn't purchase brunette...and for some reason thinks she can never go back to her natural blonde. Just my observation, but if you are putting color on your hair, it's not natural, is it? The judge tossed the case out.

I went sailing Sunday afternoon. It was a beautiful day. I snapped this picture before we left. You can see some color already in the trees.

This is a fox squirrel. Normally, fox squirrels are just the reddish color. But this one is old. They get a white muzzle when they are old, and they make an interesting sight.

I got this little fella at the Natchez Trace Parkway, on the nature trail. I got several pictures of hummers out there, but 99% of them are blurry....they are fast little boogers.

These were in my back yard (a whole line of them), so I grabbed my camera before the dogs could tear them all up.

If you happen to like Devotionals, I've started a Devotional Journal. It won't be daily, but I'll probably update it more than I do this one.

All for now...Later, Sweet Taters.


  1. Funny post and bummer about having to watch the spiders for that long, might be interesting though. I love your pictures, are you have to drag them into place or have you figured out how to post them where you want them? Peace and Love Southerner

  2. maybe the rain will wash the spider away? kind of like down the spout?? (sorry just had to say that LOL)

    glad it rained though!

    enjoyed the pictures! I don't know why I was surprised that Alabama would have sailing opportunities; I guess I am so ocean thinking, I forget about lakes


  3. Hi Meg, thank you for visiting my blog and for your comment!

    "Chinicans." LOL!


  4. chinicans...LOL!

    You do make me laugh Meg =)

    Great pics!

    Have a good night


  5. Welcome to the new neighborhood!

  6. It's been rainy in Miami as well. I can remember when I was in Bessemer, Alabama and those afternoon storms would hit. It can get nasty at times.

  7. Enjoy that rain, maybe it will wash the spiders away!

  8. i aint seen no rain today!!! now yesterday, it poured! love the pix...esp the humming bird and squirrel. wonder if i'll ever get to go sailing again??

  9. Chinicans...ROFL!!
    The pictures were great Meg, my favorite was the squirrel. Enjoy the rain :)

    Pooh Hugs,

  10. Beautiful entry. Sailing sounds nice. Oh if I could only go do that this weekend. lol

  11. I'm here. I'm only going to pick out my favoritist (I's not a word) blogs. My hands hurt so bad to type, to touch, crocheting for any length of time is impossible. We haven't figured out if it's arthritis or neuropathy or both. I thin it is both. Heat or gloves plus pain reliever is the only thing that helps. I LOVE your pics. I gotta post these little mushrooms that look like little yellow aliens then the next day...they looked like reg. mushrooms. If you click on my name will it take you to my blog. I have the darndest time remembering URLs. I'm such a computer dummy.
    Oh 1 more thing...Have you ever heard that the thicker the spider webs, the harsher the winter? We have had thicker than normal spi webs and the squirrels tails look bushier. It was supposed to rain over the weekend...4". It dripped and drizzled. It's raining cats and dogs today. And cold. Come on over and see me at Diary of a Mad Woman (Wish I had changed the name). Love ya lots, Barb

  12. Hi Meg, just dropped by to say hi to you in your new home! I love the squirrel and the hummer is gorgeous ~ very clear, well done! I hope the rain stops for you, I know you need it but maybe it could just rain at night?! Jeannette xx

  13. Howdy!

    It was good to find you again after such a long time! Thanks for visiting my new journal!

    Nancy :-)


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