Friday, October 3, 2008

Summer...where did it go?

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Autumn! I really do love Fall, and until Spring comes around, it's my favorite season.

Autumn Breeze

God made colors, and then applied them
Greens and golds, amber and maroon
Cascading leaves create empty limbs
Unlike the greens of June
Lawns are gardens of crimson and gold
Evergreens laden with needles and cones
Colors are brilliant and equally bold
Holly bushes become berry thrones.

An orange sun sets in purple skies,
Casting shadows over trees
The immense Harvest Moon begins to rise
As Summer yields to the Autumn breeze.

Gatlinburg, 2006

Ole Boy and I didn't go anywhere this summer, but we are planning a Gatlinburg trip in a few weeks. We are having issues getting Peppy squared away, but that's mostly because Ole Boy doesn't think anyone can take care of a diabetic dog, even the vet. I have to agree that the Pepster was really, REALLY thirsty the last time we picked him up from the kennel....but I suggested we get a water bottle so that it can't get tipped over. We don't have much time left to get it all worked out.

Les and the kids:
Can you tell the boys gave Samara a haircut?

Devon, Ashton, Samara (Les in back)

Botanical Garden, Huntsville, AL

I'm Just Saying....

* Did you know the Bible says much study is wearisome to the flesh? (Ecclesiastes 12:12) After last weekend, I personally know that to be fact.

* The VP debate wasn’t spectacular on either side, but McPalin will win the White House. (Did I coin that name, or has someone beat me to it?)

* I was going to do a section with “Discombobulate” as the Word of the Day, but I got confused.

* Ole Boy just called me back to the bedroom where he is busy taking out a window unit air conditioner. There must have been 20 wasp nests (and a few dirt dauber nests besides) in the frame. Then he said I should help him get the unit out. I think not.

* At work the other day, KK said the thought the shirt she was wearing made her look pregnant. I assured her it didn’t, but asked her if my butt made my pants look big.

* Barely-five-year-old Ashton is in kindergarten, and is having trouble learning his numbers. I was using some cards to help him, holding up a 2 and a 5, asking him repeatedly “What is this one?” “What number is this?” rotating the cards. He just wasn’t getting it. Finally, 6 year old Devon walked by and said, “You have the 5 upside down.” I was really helpful that day

From McGee Farms Pumpkin Patch today:

Ashton on a hayride

Samara picking out a pumpkin

Devon's Pumpkin

Later, my Sweet Taters!


  1. great site and quite a few laughs in your 'sayings'...which of course is nothing new for you. great pix!!

  2. Welcome!

    Loved seeing all your pics! :) Will be interesting to see what your poll ends up showing!


  3. yeah! Love it and the pictures are awesome!

  4. Autumn is by far my favorite season of them all. My screenname over at AOL used to be RdAutumnSage...The pictures are precious. I'm loving it this side of the blogsphere. (Hugs)Indigo

  5. yea!!! you did it and it looks great!!!! I love your poem!! what talent you have!!

    Koda is always thirsty when he comes back from being boarded, no matter where we have boarded him; I often wonder if they give them less water to mean less visits outside?? One time he was dehydrated sick (not from being boarded but when we moved from Montana to California, the stress was hard on him). I took him to the vet and she gave him some fluids to re-hydrate him. I think the syringe only had in it 5 ounces of water or whatever and she said that was all the water he needed in a day, which made no sense to me so I wonder if boarders just give the minimum?? I also know that dogs show their stress in their tummy/cats in their lungs (that's what the vet said) so maybe they are careful what they give them to eat/drink while being away from mom and dad

    great pictures!


  6. I am glad that you moved on over. Cute poem and funnies. Great pictures, I will have to figure out how to add more than one later. Your blog looks great. Hugs, Helen

  7. PS. I hope that Peppy will be ok wihile you all are gone. Helen

  8. Oooooooh I love your new blog! Pretty, pretty, pretty!

  9. What Cute photos! I want to get a pumpkin but i'm afraid it will rott before Halloween...I'll probably wait until the day before Halloween. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love meeting new people and then going over to their blogs :)

    I love Fall too...Winter is only pretty right after a fresh snowfall...before it gets dirty and messy...and of course the cold...could do without that.


  10. I love fall too. I don't love the allergies that come with it that lead to the bronchitis I am gettting over that leads to the nasty cough medicine I have to take.

    Thanks for stopping and commenting on my new blog.


  11. Beautiful blog Meg, but I expected no less :)
    I love your beautiful pictures and poem....I love fall too, it's my very favorite season.
    I hope you are right about who will win the election, but I have my doubts....the media is too biased.
    I'm glad you are here :)

    Pooh Hugs,

  12. The new blog is great. Love the pics also. The poll should be interesting.

  13. I love your page and I voted in the poll , I just hope I get your alerts now lol

  14. Hey girl!
    Love your new place, looks pretty in here! I plan to move over here soon...

    You crack me up..this was a great the pics too!

    Have a good one


  15. Thanks for following me...I'm following you too.


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