Saturday, February 21, 2009

Questions from the Politically Unminded

Just where is all this bailout and stimulus money coming from? We, the taxpayers, I know. I am just having a hard time wrapping my mind around this much money being thrown about. Are they just printing more currency? Will our "dollar" eventually be just worthless paper with nothing to back it, paper that no one will honor? Money is given for mortgages, and the renters feel they deserve a handout, as well. The banks are bailed out, and the car companies want some of the action. And wasn't it the insurance companies who were handed bailout money, who then kept the same bad managers who got them into the fanancial jam, and proceeded to give said managers hefty bonuses?

In addition to a mega-mega $$ handou...I mean stimulus package, we've got a president allotting money for abortions. Yes, I'm aware it's a woman's body, and she has a choice. Perhaps the choice should have started with ways to not get pregnant if she (and he!!) aren't ready for a child, and one of those choices clearly is abstinence! Judgmental, am I? Maybe, but taxpayers' money shouldn't pay for any child's demise. It's just a fetus? Not according to God, who created mankind.

So, if the government is "giving" all this money (which looks amazingly like our, does it come back to us with a price? I mean, will the government have more control over us as individuals? Will they, in essence, "own" us?

With all these various hands out, opened and expecting, in this age of "I'm-owed-something-whether-I-work-for-it-or-not," we've got parents who won't even meet with their children's teachers (upon the teacher's request) about said children's education. Caught a story on a TV news network earlier this week. The head of the NAACP was a guest, and he told the teacher who called with this personal observation that people were too busy working two and three jobs to bother with meeting with teachers. Say WHAT?

How many people do you personally know who are working two and three jobs, and how does that number compare with those who have some kind of goverment assistance (food stamps, WIC, Medicare....and the like)? One most likely greatly outweigh the other, no matter where you live.

When will it end? I hope it's not the same time our personal freedom ends.


  1. I never got the benefit of a stimulus check because I make too much, but I bet anyone a dollar I will help pay for it. I don't get it either.

    My take, why can't both federal and state government workers take a 2-3 year break from receiving a yearly pay raises? Better yet, the sneaky congressmen and representatives that vote their pay hikes in overnight sessions. Let them waive it for 2-3 years too.

    I am by no means an economist, but I still hear the same sad stories of people losing homes and unable to buy food daily, inspite of the "stimulus" bill. I do not see how this is helping the little man in the long run. MHO.

  2. There just seems to be so much wrong, and so little right.

  3. We borrow from China and go in dept to them without anyway or intention to pay it off. The American taxpayer pays for it. We sell our soul to the government when we take the money. The whole things sticks. Its one big ponzi scam.

  4. I hear you Meg; I liked Julie's comment. I think we are being duped and I think by the time the majority of the people realize they've been duped, it will be too late. You know my thoughts about this, but I'm fully convinced our country is not going to get out of this unless there is a major repentance and a revival and honestly I don't see that happening, but......the Lord is awesome; we'll see what he has in mind. In the meantime, no matter what, the truth still stands "The Lord is Good,all the time and he is in control". Him I will trust; Him I will put my faith him. His words and promises aren't empty

    glad to see you writing again :) taking a semester off is to our benefit LOL


  5. I am pro-choice and no(since it has been said to me, though not by you) that doesn't mean pro-abortion. I feel I can believe something is necessary-or the better option in some situations without being that thing's champion. I have no enthusiasm for abortion, but neither do I for battered, neglected or ophaned babies.
    But I will say, though I was cynical about it at first, I have discovered there are some young people who have chosen to abstain. I actually thought that was a pipe dream sort of hope, but learned(mostly thru my ex's daughter) that there are groups of girl-boys, men & women who've chosen that as an option. To me a more realistic option(for most) is birth control. I am 43 & it worked for me. Still no babies.

    I am not thrilled with govt funds for abortions but I do feel it will benefit in the sense that people who really don't want those babies probably shouldn't have them, as evidenced by all the children abused in this world.

  6. A year ago, I never would have thought the American public would be as gullible as to vote in an election like they were voting for American Idol, but they did.

    Obama's going to tax all the monies earned by hard working frugal taxpayers and reward the lazy free riders.

    Is this a great country or what?


  7. The American taxpayer pays for it. We sell our soul to the government when we take the money. The whole things sticks. Its one big ponzi scam.
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