Saturday, November 8, 2008

Six Things and Graphics

I am the Queen of the last minute! I've waited until the last minute to get all my online classwork done, and the system went down for "updates" about two hours ago. They don't expect it to be up until tomorrow. My "A" is now in peril, and I'm....not happy.

We have approximately 17,894,882 walnuts in my back yard. I was picking some of them up and more were falling all around me. One of them sucker-punched me on the back of the neck, and I'm now back in the house and don't plan to pick up the remaining 1,7894,779 walnuts left out there.

So, I got tagged on the "Six Things" going around B-Land and I was trying to be crafty (as in artsy, not sly), so I made a little dooey. I think you can yave to click on it to make it readable. I can't bring myself to tag six others.... oh, and Gina...I owe ya.

If clicking doesn't work, trust me, it's not that exciting! I have yet to figure out 1) how to make graphics, and 2) how to post them.

We went to Gatlingburg a few weeks ago, and the color was no where near peak. I didn't get many good pictures at all. On the way home, we stopped at the Ocoee Dam, and it was really pretty there. I just may post some pictures later tonight, as I can't be studying...grrrrr!

Laters Taters!


  1. Sorry you got boinked in the neck, and really sorry to hear you can't your your work done! It is good to finally see a post from you. I still couldn't see your six things when I clicked, but I'm getting old and blind as a bat - hopefully others will be able to see :-)

  2. well!! you counted those nuts did you?? if you had been studying instead of counting nuts...or even just picking up the nuts as you counted....hehehe i was able to read your 6 things, but it was tough.

  3. I read it and I didnt need my glasses. I love #6, I feel the same way for the first hour but after the first hour, a few members could leave and I would be very very happy. Oh my that was not nice of me but my aunt is not your aunt, is she. LOL!


  4. Just checking in to say hi since being back. That was a lot of nuts!!!!! :)

    Pooh Hugs,

  5. I liked reading your group of 6; I'm doing mine next week; I would like to hear a song of yours if you ever write one

    what happens to over 17,000 walnuts if they don't get picked up? do some animals come and get them?


  6. Wow! I'm thinking you live in squirrel heaven. Sorry to hear the system went down, hope it goes back up in time for you to get what you needed done and you keep the A.

    For me the holidays are so hectic, I'm overwhelmed! (Hugs)Indigo


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