Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Last Political Entry…for a while!

A young black girl wore a T-shirt into my office yesterday with “Obama” on the front, and “My President is Black” on the back. I was going to vent my frustration and comment about how foolish it was to vote for the shade of skin. But then, I saw a clip of Sherri Shepherd of “The View,” (a show I have NEVER watched) sharing a story, in a broken voice, of telling her son that Barak Obama had been elected president. She talked about when she told her family she wanted to be a comedian and an actress, and was told to find a job at the post office, because “they won’t let people like us do that." Her opinion was that “people of color” always had limitations placed on them, and now she could tell her son that he had “no limitations.” From this view point, I suppose I could understand the pride a little better…even though I know it’s just wrong to vote a person into the highest office of our land because of the way he or she looks, or their color, or their gender.

The stakes were high, and I believe Christian America failed to do the Godly thing. Was it deception or ignorance? I just don't know. However, I’ve said several times that America would be a different country today if all the people who were belly-achin’ about President Bush had been praying for him. Christians have a responsibility to pray for their leaders. Therefore, I will start NOW to be careful to not voice complaints about the U.S. presidential selection, but to pray for my president. God is not surprised, nor is He caught off guard by America’s choice. It is He Who has allowed Barak Obama to be put in this position, and I will endeavor to show the respect that the title deserves.

I’m just sayin’ and that’s enuff said...

It’s time to get back to happy, funny entries.


  1. I thought my mom wrote this post. That is what she keep ssaying. God did allow it to happen and now we have to pray for him. I agree color is no reason to vote for someone, the issues are.

    Take care

  2. Color aside I do think many people vote based on how a person looks, speaks, etc... I think it almost can't be helped in some cases. I once heard of a study done where kids were shown pictures of women and asked them which one they liked the best, who looked the nicest and they always picked the prettiest blonde woman. I know those were just kids but I think it happens with adults...the attractive person may get a job over a less attractive person and same goes for color, sex and what not.

    What's done is done. He was not my choice but what can you do now but pray. I am trying to see the positive side to it all...a huge step forward for african americans...all americans. It would be nice to see this change a lot of things for the better but I am skeptical.

    Great entry Meg...

  3. I also am going to move forward and prepare the future I am afraid is coming. I believe he was voted in for all the wrong reasons and people let his skin color be their deciding factor. I am afraid when things go bad and the reality sets in this harm the racial harmony in the country and put it back 50 years. Because people always need someone to blame. Anyway. I will pray also.

  4. Great entry Meg. I agree with you 100%. I heard lots of people comment that they voted for him because he was such a nice family man, or because of his race...just not good reasons to put someone in the highest office of this country. I also heard men make remarks that they were going to vote for John McCain because Sarah Palin was so cute. How shallow have we become? He was not my choice, either. But I have to put my faith and trust in my Heavenly Father because He sees the whole picture.

    "Lord protect our new president and his family. May he look to you Lord, for the wisdom to successfully bring about the good change that our great country needs."

    Linda in Washington

  5. I often thought the same thing about people (fellow Christians especially) who complained about George Bush... where was the prayer?!? I just wonder how long it will be before the people who voted for Obama start complaining and finding fault with the decisions he makes for our country. They will turn on him and start looking for the next "savior" for our country... instead of look to "THE" SAVIOR!
    (and now I'm on my soap box! LOL)

    Nancy :-)

  6. good entry. our pastor pointed out last night that it was good for america in that now every child can believe that they can do anything regardless of their color. as for the other...i believe you are right on, and like you, i endeavor to pray and not complain about our new president.

  7. I told hubby last night that I had been praying for God to lead the people to vote for the person who would make the best President to be elected. So Since this one went in then God had control so maybe he was meant to go in and they all need our prayers. Helen

  8. you know my thoughts and my prayers are for him and his success and his safety as well as for his family

    I think it will be an interesting 4 years ahead


  9. Ah yes, the realities of life. The T-shirt says it all and this has been my point from the start.

    Although the young black girl was probably happy, the statement really should be, "I'm proud of my president", be he or she black, green, blue, male, female, democrat, republican or independant.

    This election became a glorified American Idol contest based on each side promising anything to anyone for their vote. In my day this was called prostitution.

    Obama received more than 90% of the black vote. Any time that anyone gets 90% of any vote, something's wrong. What do you think would have happened if McCain got 90% of the white vote?

    Not one commercial that I saw said I'll do this or for me. It was nothing more than ranking, i.e., "yo mama" routines that kids do in the seventh grade.

    I could go on but I'd be preaching to the choir. Excellent post, Meg!


  10. Great post! I agree with you except I have a bit of a different spin on one point. I believe God gives us free will and I don't feel He "allowed" Obama to be chosen president as much as he "allowed" Americans to make the choice. We will now have to live with the consequences of the actions of the majority. God is still on His throne but we have examples of Him allowing His rebellious children to suffer as a result of their own poor choices. God help us all in the next four years.


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