Monday, November 3, 2008

An Unhealthy Comparison

I hadn't known him long, and I saw the warning signs before I married him.

I heard, but I wouldn’t listen; I saw, but I ignored. My dad told me several times, “I want to talk to you before you marry him.” But I never gave him a chance to give me his words of wisdom.

My friends didn’t like him. My best friend tried to tell me to get rid of him. I just thought she didn’t “get it.”

I married him on a Tuesday. He beat me up the following Friday. By then, though, it wasn’t so easy to just walk away. No, now I was legally bound to him. I did leave, but I went back. And he beat me up again. And again. He pushed me, choked me, slapped me, kept me up all night yelling at me…I then knew I really should have listened to the voices of reason and wisdom.

Yes, the red flags were waving, but I walked right past them into the courthouse and married the man. It was a legal process and several years of recovery before I was able to put that behind me.

Somehow, it all just reminds me of Obama’s relationship with America. The red flags are boldly waving and folks are looking right past them and walking into the voting booths.

Christians, you are children of the most high God. Heed the warning signs. Stop the path to certain destruction. Do I think that Obama will be in office come January, and America destroyed by February? Certainly not. He’ll just be another hammer continually driving the nails in America's proverbial coffin. And just who do you think will be the nails he’ll be driving down?


  1. I am so glad your out of that relationship now. What a story. Great warning also.

  2. (((Meg))) so glad you are out of that relationship!!! our pastor said there are 30% of evangelical Christians in the United States; he said we should not be surprised by the way non-believers vote. They say we don't get it; we say they don't get it. I've been praying that people will see the heart of both candidates because you know how God looks at the heart over appearances.


  3. It's really scary but I have to keep reminding myself that our God is still on his throne and in control. "God's will be done." Linda in Washington state

  4. I'm so glad you are no longer in that relationship! It is concerning and I hope everyone will continue to get to the polls and vote! I know I will!

  5. wow...what a comparison! i'm sure praying that your convictions are right on about this election.

  6. I am glad that you are out of that now. I agree. God is in control. Helen

  7. I think someone will kill him...


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